In 1959,  Jazz Camping Kalatówki Festival took place and it came to have a legendary fame in Poland.   Nearly 70 people attended.   After the second festival in 1960, there was a long hiatus.  The event resumed in 1977 thanks to Marta Łukaszczyk, the head of the Górski Hotel PTTK Kalatówki, and Małgorzata and Zbigniew Namysłowski.  The film presents the recollections of participants of the first festival, as well as subsequent festivals, along with archival recordings, both film and audio, along with photographs and posters.


Director, screenwriter and film producer.  Born in Głowno in 1958.  A graduate of the Institute of Sociology of the University of Warsaw (1985).  Co-founder of the Association of Film Producers.  In 1991-94, the president of the production company Dr Watkins, since 1997 the president of Biograf Film, since 2005 the president of the Film Open Group.

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(1112 N. Milwaukee Ave.)

WEDNESDAY,   11/14/2018    8:45  pm.

2018, 52 min, Poland
Polish with English subtitles



Produced by/Produkcja

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