The case of Tomasz Komenda is known to almost the whole of Poland. He was sentenced to 25 years in prison for a bestial crime with which he had nothing to do. However, hardly anyone knows the face of the man thanks to whom Tomek is free today. Remigiusz Korejwo – the man who freed Tomasz Komenda – has so far remained in the shadows. The would-be missionary, former border guard and agent of the Central Bureau of Investigation of the Police was the only one who decided to take a closer look at the Miłoszyce case.


Born in Sandomierz in 1977. Journalist specializing in organized crime and the meanders of the Polish justice system. Reporter of TELEVISION programs: Attention! and Superwizjer on TVN. Winner of the Grand Press Award in the category of television/video reportage.

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Gallery Theatre
(1112 North Milwaukee Ave.)
Thursday, 11/11/21  7:00  pm.

2020, 59 min, Poland
Polish with English subtitles



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