2018, 88 min, Poland (Polish with English subtitles)

Dorota, a 40-year-old prosecutor, drinks – so she says – “to not go crazy.”  By covering behind her legal immunity, she conceals the offenses she commits under the influence.  Her husband, a well-known politician, tries to keep her problem secret, and save her from various troubles, but he is slowly getting fed up. The student, Magda, likes to party hard, and because she is a great student and has a great job, no one calls her to task for her drinking.  On the other hand, Teresa, a respected pediatric surgeon, has lost her family because of her drinking, and all she has left in life is her work as the director of a hospital.  Things spin out of control when she comes to work under the influence.   All the women’s problems grow, driving the protagonists and their loved ones into serious danger.  In the end, each of them will hit bottom, but will any of them manage to rebound?


 Director and screenwriter. Born in Białystok in 1969. Graduated from Warsaw University (Cultural Studies – 1996), Camerimage Film School in Toruń (2001) and FAMU in Prague (Directing 2007). Recipient of many awards. Member of Polish Filmmakers Association.


2018                Playing Hard (Zabawa, zabawa)
2018                Plan B
2018                Here We Live (Tu się żyje) – documentary
2015-16          Single Woman (Singielka) – TV series
2015                Actress (Aktorka) – documentary
2015                These Daughters of Mine (Moje córki krowy)
2012-13          Everything Ahead of Us (Wszystko przed nami) – TV series
2009                Hel
2008                I Like the Most to Play (Najbardziej lubię grać) – documentary
2008                Six Octaves (Sześć oktaw) – documentary
2007-15          Colors of Happines (Barwy szczęścia) – TV series
2007                Joseph and His Children (Józek i jego dzieci) – documentary
2005                The Mixed Couple (Para mieszana) – documentary
2005                Healers (Uzdrowiciele) – documentary
2001                The Way, The Truth, The Life (Droga, prawda, życie) – documentary
2001                I’ll Tell You a Lullaby (Opowiem ci bajkę) – documentary
2000-15          L Like Love (M jak miłość) – TV sereis
2000                I Love Christ (Kocham Chrystusa) – documentary
1999-2015      For Better and for Worst (Na dobre i na złe) – TV series


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Direction                KINGA DĘBSKA
Script                       KINGA DĘBSKA, MIKA DUNIN
Art Direction          MONIKA SUDÓŁ
Music                       MICHAL NOVINSKI
Editing                     BARTOSZ KARCZYŃSKI
Sound                       LESZEK FREUND
Produced by           KALEJDOSKOP FILM STUDIO
Producer                 ZBIGNIEW DOMAGALSKI


Dorota Kolak (Teresa), Agata Kulesza (Dorota), Maria Dębska, (Magda), Marcin Dorociński (Jerzy, Dorota’s husband), Barbara Kurzaj (Beata), Mirosław Baka (Wiktor)

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